This page will be random pics which don’t really fit anywhere else!

Easter Sunday

23 March 2018

Bateria de Castillitos – 20 March 2018

Cartagena sky – 19th October

Cartagena – October 2017

13 October in the grounds of Castillo de la Concepcion

Journey to Cartagena 19th September 2017

More medusas in the marina

Mackerel Rock by night

This was taken in Puerto de la Duquesa, by Craig, if you look closely you can see the backside of two Parakeets.

This was on our way to Cascais where we fuelled up at 10.00 at night – had to pay an extra 50 euros so they would make a special trip to open the pump which closed at 9.00 – this sailing larks not cheap you know they’ll get you wherever they can.

On our way to Gibraltar along the Spanish coast.  This boat below was on a sea trial, the tender alongside it was the same size as our boat, and the boat for sale was 200 ft+ – still you have to try before you buy!

These were taken in Camaret, and is what I like to call ‘A rigging nightmare’!

19th July – rolling cloud either side of us in the English Channel