First impressions


The marina itself is not picturesque, its functioning, having said that it seems to function very well.

There are views of the mountains behind all the masts to the right of us, and to the left it’s industrial.

To our stern there’s a walkway behind a glass wall, and then another structure which blocks off the view to the main road.  It’s not unpleasant and I like the fact whilst the general public can look they can’t actually get into the marina – it’s very high tech here and they use your fingerprint as ID to access the marina.

Although it seems at the moment there’s one gate that doesn’t like skippers fingerprint so we’ll have to get that sorted.

The berth we are in is on a finger pontoon, so it means we can either get off the boat at the back or the side, and the pontoons are low enough that we can actually give the hull a good clean.  Plus where we are at the moment, and there is a possibility we could be moved, it’s really easy to get in and out of for day sailing, so that in my book is a big bonus.

There’s two boats to the left of us, one i googled would cost a mere $1.75m, and it is stunning – it’s an Oyster 82 – I know that probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone but I’ll add a photo when I can get a decent one.

The other is called Lionness V, this is the one I thought might be owned by a well known person, it isn’t, but it can be chartered with its crew for a mere £330,000 per week!  I’ll add a picture of that too when I get one.

The general facilities are good, toilets, shower block, laundry, that sort of thing.  And there’s a room with a book share facility and vending machines.

There’s a good liveaboard community here with their own website, and they do things like BBQ’s on a Sunday, wander the Tapas bars on a Wednesday, and some other activities.  You just join in as much or as little as you want.  It’s pretty easy to spot the liveaboard boats, they just have a general look – it’s difficult to describe but usually the solar panel, and the washing hanging between the forestay and the mast are a dead giveaway.  We’re not the most sociable of creatures at the best of times so it will be interesting to see how much or how little we join in, I suspect we’ll just dab in and out as we feel like it.

We wandered into Cartagena last night, it’s less than 5 minutes walk into the town, and our end is quiet, but get into town and it comes to life with bars, restaurants and shops.  I knew as soon as we started walking around that I am going to enjoy being here!  Good job really! 

At the moment there’s a Carthaginians and Romans festival, which runs until Sunday, and it relives the Second Punic War over 2200 years ago (well according to google anyway).  So there are lights in the streets, like the uk towns put up at Christmas and there were lots of people taking part wandering around in costume and they’ve had allsorts of displays and musical performances going on.  In fact last night I’m sure that Craig and I might have been caught in camera by Television Murcia!

On Sunday it ends with a big firework display down at the waterfront, so from the boat we should have a pretty good view!

So first impressions, we’re happy, and I think Craig is hugely relieved because it was his suggestion to over winter here, but you know what, if it gets to the stage where we’re no longer happy we’ll just pull in the lines and move on!