As one chapter closes

So here we are, out of the water in the yard, with a nice clean bottom, jobs done and ready for a new set of travels. But the future travels that Kuta will make will not be ours they will belong to somebody else.

Two and a half years ago we made a momentous decision to sell up and buy a boat and now we have made another decision. Our sailing chapter has ended and a crew will arrive later today to take Kuta back to the uk to be sold.

It has not been an easy decision for either of us but it has been a joint decision and one that we are happy with.

Having Kuta has enabled us to create some very cherished memories, have some wonderful experiences and meet some amazing people. But all that aside it has not been without its stresses and strains, be those financial, emotional or mental, and for my part the constant fear that I feel through my own lack of experience is one that I have struggled to overcome. Craig has his own reasons but they are his share if he chooses. But be assured there are no regrets.

Neither of us are the same people who sailed off in 2017 and if anything despite the tough times we are stronger now than we ever were, individually and jointly.

So, as this chapter closes on our lives we can both look back with pride and say ‘we did that’, and as the page turns a new chapter begins in a new house in a new county with new experiences to be had, new memories to be made and new people to meet.

Thank you to those who have continued to show us love and support throughout this journey, it has meant the world.

So there you have it and for one last time this is Kuta Of Carrick out x

6 thoughts on “As one chapter closes

  1. Just wanted to wish you both all the luck in your new home and future
    We close one chapter and a new one opens
    It will be different and challenging and joyous
    Enjoy xxx


  2. Dear Craig & Donna

    Your experiences over the last couple of years have been enlightening, hilarious at times & any news given with a real sense of being free to do what you intended.

    I hope that when you’re back in the UK that we might meet if even for a coffee if ever you are in Suffolk.

    Sending you much love

    Lindsey xx😉


  3. Dear Donna & Craig
    When you’re in your dotage you will never have to say ” if only we’d ……. and for this I’ll always be envious.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and I wish you the very best for whatever the future holds. Give me a call if you are ever in the area, it would be good to have a beer and a catch up.
    Good luck to you both
    John Sibley


    1. Thank you, it’s great to hear from you and I’m pleased to hear you’ve been following our journey. Hope all is well with you and we’ll definitely be venturing south again and would love to catch up. Take care x


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