Reaching Lagos

After two nights in Albufeira Marina (hooray a marina!), we have now reached Lagos where we will spend two nights before the boat is lifted.

Albufeira (in my opinion) is a toilet, although that’s not what I called it, but it served its purpose – Lagos is somewhat different.

The journey here was pretty uneventful until we got to the river leading to the marina. Then it was like the M25 Of waterways, boats everywhere going in all directions and a real hubbub of activity. As we were approaching the bridge, which you have to wait to open so you can pass under, we were met by the GC32 racing boats who were going down the river out to sea for one of their races. Wow they were pretty spectacular.

They are basically the mini America’s Cup training/development boats

And on the GB Red Bull boat, none other than Sir Ben Ainslie! Probably some other famous racing peeps as well, but hey who cares, I saw Sir Ben Ainslie.

Last night we went to The Lighthouse restaurant so Cliff could have the pie he’s been waiting for for the last few weeks. Craig said it’s the best steak pie he’s ever had – well there’s a recommendation!

And then at 10 a band came on, and in fairness they were great – there was a good old singalong to some old school rock classics, and Craig was strumming his air guitar with the best of them – sadly the video won’t load for some reason.

The marina itself is a hubbub of bars and restaurants and there is a really nice atmosphere, but ooh it’s hot, hot, hot. So, so far so good, and on today’s agenda, an all day breakfast, formula one, and sundowners at a bar where they’ll be a jazz trombonist playing. All is well with the world.

Tomorrow, well another new experience looms, watching AWOL and Kuta being lifted from the water and living on the boat for two days whilst it’s sat in a cradle on the hard – if life gave us one new experience every day that wouldn’t be too bad would it.


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