New day, new location

This afternoon we reached Ilha da Culatra, thirty miles or so along the coast, and another six hours!

Another journey done, with some interesting sea state along the way

But it didn’t quite get me!

Anyway destination reached, which on the way in looks quite quaint with a beach running all the way along, which obviously it would have because it’s an island! ilha da culatra is actually one of the three parts of Culatra Island in the Algarve. At 6 km long it ranges from 100m to 900m in width – so there you go.

There is a plan tomorrow to do some yoga on the beach – but if the wind keeps up as it is we won’t be going anywhere – if you shut your eyes you’re on a trampoline with a hundred little kids jumping up and down – interesting to see how our anchoring skills fare tonight – me thinks that one Dawkins may be spending many hours in the cockpit until the weather dies down, just to make sure we aren’t going to be playing dodgems with all the other boats as we drift slowly back to sea. And there are a lot of things to hit – this bay is like a car park at the moment

Where there’s a mast there’s a boat and there are many many masts!

So I’ll let you know how we get on


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