We’re still here in Ayamonte which is on the Guadiana River which forms part of the border between Spain and Portugal. In fact I can see Portugal from the boat!

Some of our intrepid travellers last week went on a ferry crossing to Portugal, although I believe there may have been some confusion with the timetable as Portugal is in the same time zone as the UK – learnt something new that day. Weird that, the river is less than half a mile wide, but an hours time difference.

It’s a very sweet little town, great plazas, lots of the mosaics that I like, and lots of bars and restaurants, although my husband tells me the people in the supermarket here are not as friendly. He should know, food shopping is after all a blue job.

Val and Cliff have left us for a bit whilst they spend time with family who are visiting along the coast, but we are planning to meet them in a few days – wind permitting. But like all these things it’s subject to change. It’s actually a bit fresh here today, the winds up and blowing straight down the companionway into the boat. I’m actually feeling a bit peculiar today so I’m sat under my dressing gown – it’s one of those wrap up and watch Bargain Hunt days – but sadly that’s not possible as there is no WiFi in this marina – it’s like the dark ages and we’ve been relegated to watching films on the laptop and talking to each other!

It’s quite a busy marina which unsurprising given its location and we have seen some comings and goings in the last week, and met some lovely people – one who actually wanted to buy Craigs carefully crafted passarelle! Offer declined though as it’s going into a design museum somewhere at a later date. Ha ha.

I have been reminded that I am not the only idiot on a boat, I’m going to try and draw you a mental picture to describe the very funny event Craig witnessed this week.

Let’s set the scene, a boat arrives and very expertly the skipper reverses it into its berth in very windy conditions. In addition to the skipper there are two crew members, one female (skippers wife) and one male (skippers chum). Tied to the front of the boat one line is ready for the loose end to be thrown to the chum who has leapt off the boat and is waiting on the pontoon. Skippers wife throws the rope to said chum who wraps it around the cleat on the pontoon and passes it back to her to be tied back on the boat thereby effectively creating a loop between boat and pontoon to hold the boat secure – still with me? Well instead of tying the rope back to the boat, the wife picks up the end of the rope where it is already tied to the boat. For many minutes she is pulling a dead bit of rope wondering why the boat is still moving, screaming at her husband that it’s not doing anything – no love you’re pulling the tail end of an already tied bit of rope. You’re supposed to be tying off the rope you’ve got in your other hand. Husband can’t work out what’s going on, but chum realises the solution to the debacle, climbs back on to the boat, takes the rope back out of the wife’s hand and calmly ties it off. It will no doubt be part of the debrief that I have witnessed many times during which the skipper tells the wife what it is she did wrong, and what he really meant when he said such and such. Oh the joys.

Today the lovely man across the way was very upset because the spray from his power washer was blowing our way and has just delivered a bottle of extra virgin olive oil that he makes himself – that’s so sweet! The olive oil industry is clearly booming hence his half a million pound boat! Sadly he doesn’t have his two sons with him today who between them have provided us with hours of entertainment as they argue how to tie the boat to the dock. Clearly older son thinks younger son is a complete imbecile and younger son does nothing to prove his brother wrong. Even in a foreign language the dynamic is clear!

So that’s us for now and

I will leave you with some pics from the town


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