It’s been one of those days

It started this morning in Cadiz when a random alarm started going off and that my friends set the tempo for the rest of the day.

We managed to at least do some motorsailing on our 12 hour journey with the mainsail up, but one of the reefing lines got twisted so in the wind I was trying with the boat hook to sort it. Oh then once we’d taken the sail down the sail stack (which is effectively the bag the sail goes down in to collapsed – twice! Fair enough and easy enough to sort but it didn’t do my nerves any good watching craig clamber over the deck in gusting winds. All that was going through my mind was the man over board procedure – or at least the bits of it I could remember!

Anyway we finally got to anchor about 8 this evening at Ayamonte and some knobhead on a jet ski decided to buzz the boat and the whole of the cockpit and me got soaked – if only I had a shotgun.

Now it’s nearly 10, the wind, which is incidentally strangely warm, has got up and it’s started blowing a hoolie. Oh, now the anchor alarms started going off – it’s just been one of those days!

Quite frankly I’ll be glad when it’s over – the one consolation, a stunning sky tonight

Not sure it really reflects how I feel about today but sometimes you just have to take whatever little nugget you can.


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