Wishful thinking

Today we had a little trip across the border, how weird is it to have some retail therapy in a different country – not unusual to hop on a plane I suppose to savour the retail delights in say New York or Paris, but we walked! And with passport in hand we popped across to Gibraltar.

While the boys went off to do whatever it is they do in a chandlers (one can never have enough boat stuff), oh yes and the obligatory fry up, Val and I, who is also a non-shopper like me, ventured to of all places Debenhams and M&S.

I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised by this end of Gibraltar, which I was not holding up much hope for given our last visit, and the welcome of a red telephone box of all things brought back pleasant memories. The Main Street was a hubbub of shoppers and cafes serving traditional British fayre – I suppose fish and chips will always go down well wherever you are! And of course a good old British pub – this one had a very interesting way of attracting its customers

Anyway I tried to do the right thing and not only treat myself to a few bits but come back with a new pair of shorts for Craig, but unfortunately my plan went a little bit awry when I returned with my lovingly purchased item, to be told that I’d confused his leg measurement with his waist size and he hadn’t been a 32 inch waist for over 20 years – wishful thinking on my part and a long distance memory on his! Still it’s the thought that counts.

So a very pleasant few hours for me and my pal, who incidentally tells me I’m her kind of shopper – in, purchase, out, except of course for the M&S food hall in which I did get a bit waylaid. After all, it’s not just food, it’s M&S food!

Then a short stroll back over the border – so funny seeing a sign like this

So back across the border we will pop tomorrow to return said item, and I believe there’s also something called the FA Cup final on, and two gents who may want to view. And what do I do whilst this is happening, well there was a pair of shoes I saw with my name on.

Have a great day


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