From one rock to another

Sadly our overnight stay at Marina del Este was not as pleasant as normal. AWOL and ourselves were either side of a boat which had clearly been tied up and left, and it was bouncing around like a child on a trampoline. Fenders were rubbing all night we were so squeezed in, and it’s lines were squeaking like a rat in a trap! When we woke at six the following morning to get ready to leave we found that not only was the well crafted passarelle hanging in the water, the electric lead had become mysteriously detached overnight and was also hanging in the water.

Not a good start to what was going to be a long day.

Off we set around 7 for our 15 hour journey on what were seas that I can only describe as driving down a gravelly country road that is full of pot holes. The jumping and veering as the boat surged over the waves, throwing its passengers around was uncomfortable to say the least. And believe it or not tensing every muscle in your body to be able to sit comfortably let alone stand is knackering.

Fortunately there were only two minor inconveniences along route one being that we ran out of gas just a few hours into the journey and the conditions were such that I wasn’t going to let Craig faff around with the bottle – so no hot drinks for twelve hours, and I managed to pull a cupboard door off as I fell against it when retrieving some weetabix! It seems however that they are meant to snap on and off so no real harm done.

As the night drew in it turned colder, and the waters as you head around Gibraltar are choppy and unforgiving – Craig called it a confused sea.

However by 22.20 last night we were anchored safely in the harbour at La Linea which is on the Spanish side of Gibraltar whilst we run a few errands and wait for a weather window to crack on. But it looks like that may be the middle of next week. Then we’re heading for Cadiz, and I am told, and am hoping, that this is when the holiday starts!

The days since we left Cartagena have been long and tiring, and it’s strange how if you know you have to get up early in the morning you don’t sleep well the night before. Needless to say I think probably all four of us are running low on sleep, although I know us girls have had the advantage of taking cat naps. And before anyone comments Craig was given the option to take a break on every day but wouldn’t.

Needless to stay finally arriving here with most difficult bit of our journey over, with insufficient sleep, not enough food or hot drinks and cold to the bone was a welcome relief and all a bit too much and there were a few tears – from me not Craig – obvs.

So this mornings view is this

Shrouded in cloud, the rock of Gibraltar. Let’s hope the cloud clears, the sun appears and we can have a restful few days. That’s of course after we’ve moved into the marina, cleaned the boat inside and out, done some shopping and laundry and oh yeah put that blimmin door back on.


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