Stress free – you’re avin’ a laugh

After a very blowy day yesterday in Almerimar we set off this morning aiming for Caleta de Velez – this was the marina that on the way here we left within 24 hours as it was noisy and full of seagulls overnight, but given we would only be there overnight it would be tolerable.

So yesterday we contacted the marina and with my limited Spanish managed to communicate to a marinero that we wanted two berths today, and he said they had space.

Well we were already en route by the time I could get through on the phone and they didn’t have two berths they only had one and there was no room at the inn – silly marinero!

So we’re four hours nearer to Almerimar than anticipated and after ten telephone calls trying to get through to an alternative we are in one of my favourite marinas – Marina del Este, the home of Mackerel Rock.

And it is still as pretty as ever, but OMG I’d forgotten how expensive this marina is. Plus of course there was the added stress inducer that this was the marina where it all went wrong on the way here. Fortunately today we had a marinero who could catch the line, or perhaps I’m just a little better at throwing now – who knows. Anyway it all went smoothly and we are in and secure for the night. Added bonus we get to try out Craig’s super duper converted bike ramp/passarelle – and nobody’s fallen in yet.

Soon to have drinks and planning meeting for tomorrow with Val and Cliff so let’s see where we go from here.

By the way added information: no dolphins spotted today sadly. Did manage to have the foresail up for a few hours but oh the sea was swelly after yesterday’s winds, we were up and down and rocking and rolling like nobody’s business.

Will let you know what happens next

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