Down the coast and hang a right!

That’s what we did today, as we motored down the eastern side of Spain and along the south coast to our next stop of Almerimar.

An eleven hour journey during which we managed to put the foresail up for, wait for it a whole 5 minutes. Woop woop!

Managed to keep the boredom at bay today, a good book does wonders, plus craig decided to give me little sailing questions as we went along!

At one point some dolphins came past, but clearly they were not aware of the international language of dolphin as I spoke to them in high pitched eeks. These ones however were a little more playful, and did me a favour by staying in shot when asked,

Finally we arrived here at gone 7 this evening, and we’ll be here for two nights as it’s due to get a bit blowy tomorrow.

Now off for a good nights kip, as I’m not sure you can all appreciate how tiring it is sitting in the sun all day, but before that to keep energy levels a good traditional Spanish meal was had

Yes, one of my faves, scampi and chips! And tomorrow maybe a big fry up in the pub we went to tonight, or even maybe a Sunday roast – well you have to take these opportunities when you can.

Night all from a couple of very weary sailors.


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