I don’t belieeeeve it!

We’ve actually left – ooh yeah and we are now in waters new. Well not waters because we’re still in the med, but this is certainly a new marina.

Garrucha, only 48 miles from Cartagena, was still 9 hours away. That’s 9 hours of my life I’ll never get back!

Anyway, we left Cartagena, travelled and arrived here safely which is the main thing after all. My boredom is just a minor inconvenience!

There’s nothing really to see here, apart from a huge freighter that’s being loaded with gypsum and a constant flow of cement trucks, but hey ho, the sun is still shining, and there is a mountain in the background, currently with the top being swathed in low cloud. Evidently it’s the Sierra Cabrera so that’s new.

Farewell Cartagena, is that the same cruise ship that was there to greet us 18 months ago?

Hello, Garrucha

And behind us, our travel companion – AWOL

So there you have it, tomorrow a new marina awaits as we head nearer to Gibraltar and beyond. That’s what I’m looking forward to anchorage’s, snorkelling, and yoga on the beach – who would have thought it.


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