Bow wave!

Sorry for the additional post – but these days I have to do things as I remember them.

One important lesson I learned today – when the captain says Bow wave when you’re at the front of the boat, it doesn’t mean bow and wave because there’s a boat coming past. It means the boat going past has created a bow wave, and yes I got soaked.

Fortunately I saw the funny side, and the passing shower was just what was needed in the heat! The Captain was as I’m sure you can imagine pleased that I managed to see the funny side.

So far to go and still so much to learn! Let’s hope for all our sakes the learning continues to bring me some amusement, otherwise the phrase rattles being thrown from prams springs to mind – not sure what the sailing equivalent of this saying is but I’ve got plenty of time to think of one.

Kuta over and out x

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