Well that’s a surprise

Believe it or not, this boat actually moves!

Kuta’s bottom has been scraped, the propeller has been shed of all its gunk, slime and god knows what else is in the water here, it’s orifices have been cleared and the boat has been checked from bow to stern. Today in anticipation of our departure from the marina next week, weather permitting of course, we went on a test sail – out of the marina, into open water!

I’d forgotten that you can actually use this means of transport to get from a to b – albeit slowly of course. Fortunately our nerves pre departure were unnecessary – on this occasion. The boat motored and sailed beautifully and it was well worth the little jaunt out to allay all our fears.

All I will say is that all those shoulder presses in yoga, along with the added strength gained by standing on the top rung of the ladder scraping wood chip off the ceiling at the house, served me well – and little old me managed to get the sail up no problem.

Going out and coming back into the berth was drama free – for once – and it seems I have learned from previous mistakes. So we’re all systems go – same thing tomorrow on AWOL – Val and Cliff’s boat and the hopefully we will start out journey to Portugal on Tuesday/Wednesday. Let’s hope the winds and weather that is forecast remains as such and we can finally say a fond farewell to Cartagena which has been a good home for the last 18 months. Fingers crossed that the next six weeks is as enjoyable and stress free as the few hours out today.

I did that!

I’ll keep you updated once we start our journey and until then I’m going to kick back and enjoy the 25 degree sunshine.

Love to all

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