Here is the news!

In no particular order, just as it comes to mind:

Moving on – failing any disasters between now and the beginning of May, yes we will be leaving the marina. Over a port and cheese fuelled meeting with Val and Cliff it was agreed that the boats will aim to leave in the first week of May. Yes, at last we should be on the move heading for Portugal. We will be stopping at various marinas along the way and doing some anchoring – fortunately Val and Cliff know all the good anchoring points so that will at least save on some spends. It’s a daunting thought leaving the sanctuary of the marina, but the boat was bought to sail, not to be an apartment on the water! The, somewhat tentative plan, because you never know know what could happen is by the beginning of July, having had lots of adventures along the way, we arrive at the boatyard in Lagos when the boat will come out of the water for a clean, Polish and any other maintenance that will need doing. It’s likely that we’ll leave the boat at this point on the hard until we can go into the marina for our booking in September. But who knows, we may decide to go off on our own for a bit or Brexit may still throw a spanner in our plans – but we try to use that word as little as possible because quite frankly it’s getting boring now! I will keep you updated.

In recent weeks, the annual pre Easter carnival has taken place and if there’s one thing Cartagena does well it’s a carnival – it was amazing, although we were a little shocked by the fact we had to pay 5 euros for the chair in the bar, before we’d even bought any drinks. Turns out it was 5 euros well spent though and we had a brilliant view.

Yoga is still going strong, and to increase the exercise level I’ve even had a weeks worth of belly dancing lessons! Nicely Ray said, you haven’t got a belly to dance – ooh I love that man, but I can now hip and shoulder shimmie like a pro. Great fun and a break from the norm.

Darts – I’m thinking of going semi-pro, I am now that good – I kid you not. Well what I mean is, the darts seem to go somewhere useful, even if it’s not exactly where I was aiming. The girls continue to regularly thrash the boys! And my little dance and run about each time we win continues to raise a laugh, mainly because I still come back knackered after it!

I regret to inform you, because I don’t want to rub your noses in it, but the weather here has been glorious. Layers are coming off, sleeve lengths have diminished and even an ankle or two has been bared! Sorry.

Next job for Craig in a few weeks is to go in the water again and give the bottom of the boat and the propeller a quick clean, he will be getting some assistance from Ed who was the guy who did the try scuba thingy last year. Until then we’re weighing up the jobs we need to do before departure and those we’ll do when the boats out of the water.

With the start of the moving on season looming lots of marina residents are making quick visits back home and the marina is getting quieter at the moment. Talk at barbecues is of the plan for the forthcoming season and people are going off all over the place. It will be strange that Cartagena will no longer be our base, after 18 months it will be like leaving our, albeit brief, hometown behind, and to think that I may never see some of these familiar faces again is sad. But a new town, and new faces await, my one consolation is Val and Cliff. They have overwintered in Lagos before, they are a mini marketing board for the town, and know all the bars and restaurants that sell British fare, with a pie and mash like no other I’m told! I’m also advised that I will be making regular use of the health club that’s available to the marina, and have the opportunity to take part in at least one organised activity a day – that woman does like to keep me active, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My new ‘bestie’, as she likes to say, is the one reason I’m excited about the next few months and I am not shitting a brick about moving on to waters new.

So there we have it, nothing too exciting at the moment, just everyday life, on a boat going nowhere – yet!

Love to all x

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