Murderous thoughts!!

Last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep I thought, ‘I haven’t blogged in a while, what is there to say?’. In fact there are a few things to tell you, but all I could think of was having a rant. Why? Well because yesterday was one of those days where I could have killed unicorns, fairies, the Easter bunny and Santa with a single look! I wasn’t grumpy, I was just within a dark cloud of fed upness – no rhyme nor reason why, it was just one of those days.

BUT, this morning, after 11 hours sleep – omg 11 hours, I’ve never woken up after 9.00 before in my life, well I feel refreshed, and the first job of the day is to try and revive all the unicorns I killed yesterday!

So less ranty, here’s what’s been happening. Since getting back on the boat we have emptied every cabin of stuff that can go back to the house – we now have 50kg Of random stuff to get on the plane when we go back home. All I have to do now is find space for the stuff in the house, where it will go, I know not. It is after all only a cosy two bedroomed mid terrace, but heyho maybe there’ll be room in the East wing, or the local landfill!

We have, well when I say we, I mean Craig, as he is ‘all things on the outside of the boat’, been up the mast. Winched up by Cliff, I was in charge of the safety line, and lucky for him it wasn’t a kill unicorns day. It was however only the third time in 18 months that I’ve had to deal with a bit of rope and I am reminded that at some point in the next few months I need to get my Sailing for Dummies book out and relearn my knots – joy, my favourite thing – not! See what I did there, haha.

Here’s a pic just to prove it.

Yesterday I spent three hours cleaning the inside of the boat, my goodness where does all the dust come from. Less than an hour after I finished his lordship decided to service the engine, I won’t say all my good work was undone but a few unicorns were slashed!

I was however employed as chief engineers assistant and given the huge responsibility of providing plenty of towel to wipe up spillages and at one point I got to hold a hose. If there was a girl guide badge in being a chief engineers assistant I would have earned it, and fortunately no more fairies or unicorns were killed during the process!

There are a few more jobs to do before we leave the safety of the marina in May, but time is on our side. I just wish that the chill that’s in the air would subside, as yet I haven’t been as brave to discard the long sleeves, but I have advanced to 3/4 length trousers. Although according to the local newspaper there is a February heatwave coming.

For leisure we have been playing darts, I’ve been yogaing (if that’s a word) and we’ve been generally socialising, like you do with a few meals out and the weekly bbqs. It hasn’t taken long to get back into the swing of things, but strangely enough craig said last week he doesn’t feel as settled coming back this time. It’s funny that having the house makes the boat feel less like a prison, and now there’s somewhere else to go, there is a strange draw to be somewhere else. I suppose on the days where we’re not really doing anything here it’s because we know there are so many jobs we could be doing in the house – I know, we’re never blimmin satisfied!!

All is good here, and apart from the rant I had to have on the Cartagena liveaboards Facebook page about the state that someone had left one of the loos in, all is good! Did you know that steam coming out of someone’s ears when they’re angry is actually a real thing! or so Craig tells me. Anyway Facebook was one of the ranty things going through my head last night – I hate it. No, what I actually hate is how people use it to hide their true personalities, and Facebook is a way for them to project themselves as people they are not, but in all honesty that’s probably a whole other blog post.

Today’s job is bake a cake, whilst Craig watches the rugby, and get supper ready for his return in order that the alcohol can be soaked up as quickly as possible when he gets back, because I realise yesterday I single handedly reduced the unicorn population, and it is now my sole responsibility to make sure none are harmed in any way today.

I think this is probably one of my more ‘veering off on a tangent’ posts, but as they say, ‘it’s good to talk’!

And with regard to the unicorns I’ve decided to set up a crowdfunding page, where people can donate to pay for us to go on quests searching the land to save them from extinction – but don’t get me started on crowdfunding that’s a whole rant all of its own!

Have a great day xx

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