Flying solo

So here I am, 50 years old and making my first solo flight – how brave am I!!!

Since officially moving into the house it has been manic, to say the least. Days have been spent either cleaning, sanding, painting or stripping off one of the many layers of wallpaper – by anyone’s standards seven is a little excessive.

With the exception of a diy disaster, well minor mishap involving the dropping of a screwdriver from height onto a newly painted windowsill, and a cock up by the Ikea In store wardrobe planner, which resulted in 2 metres worth of wardrobes trying to fit in a 182 cm gap, it didn’t go too badly. In truth although our bedroom is not quite finished, with some final touches still needed, It is beautiful. After 3 weeks of sleeping on a mattress on the floor it was bliss to sleep in a bed, where you didn’t fall into it at night and the obligatory middle of the night pee didn’t result in you (I mean me) realising how old my bones are as I struggled to get upright from the floor. I did feel a bit guilty over the last weeks for not doing any yoga, but the reality is I’ve had far more exercise over the last month than yoga could provide. Scraping, sanding and trying to hold yourself so you don’t fall off the ladder has the surprising impact of letting you know that there are muscles in this body of mine that don’t get used that often. Things were also not helped by the fact that I have been using an inflatable chair in the lounge until our sofas arrived. Sadly these came an hour after Craig had left for his journey to Spain. But at least it gave me time to decide which one I’ll claim as my own, leaving him my cast off!

Craig has proved himself to be a diy genius, as I knew he was, and Team Dawkins has a lot to be proud of so far – only another seven rooms to go!

As always he was prepared for every eventuality

But now it’s time to leave Yorkshire behind for a while and head back to the boat, where Craig tells me that he spent yesterday in shorts and a tshirt. Jealousy is not a becoming quality but is certainly the emotion I felt as I looked out at the cold and drizzle in Yorkshire. I am, in truth, a little sad to be leaving the house but at the same time I’m looking forward to some warmer weather and getting back to boat life.

Although we have months to prepare for our departure there is lots to be done on the boat and this of course has to be fitted in between the yoga, darts, tapas, bbqs and all manner of retirement and social activities.

To all those of you who we didn’t get a chance to see this visit, apologies, but chances are we may pop back in a couple of months but we’ll see how it goes. In all honesty chances are it’ll be sunnier in spain than in Yorkshire so Spain will win hands down, having said that Yorkshire has a draw of its own now.

So I’ll leave you for now whilst I settle into my maiden solo voyage and catch you all up again on the goings on soon.

Take care all


One thought on “Flying solo

  1. Safe journey to you Daughter
    Enjoy the warmer weather
    Look forward to getting a chance to see the house when you are over again
    Love xxx


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