2018 – a not too distant memory

There was a family holiday in France, many years ago, which found itself dumped into a ‘things we shall forget ever happened’ bin. Because I had such an awful time, I discarded it from my memory banks, and it became a non-event – well it now has a bit of company in the dark and the gloom and has been joined by 2018.

Never have I been so pleased to see the back of a year, and never have I rung in the chimes of Big Ben on 31 December, with such joy, glee, jumping around and a plethora of expletives! Yes, shouting, F**k off 2018 (which was the only publishable expletive) was actually very cathartic, albeit rather knackering when you realise you are no spring chicken and can’t jump around like you used to!

There’s no need really to go into why 2018 was so shit, it’s pretty obvious really, or is it? On the surface yes losing Dad when I least expected it was heart wrenching, and devastating and all those emotions which you don’t want to make their way into your life too often. But the impact of it, on everything else, and the events, lack of events and stress, was just as bad.

This is not the right place to share it all, but having had a year where I’ve felt like a laboratory mouse on a wheel, going nowhere, and put through a persistent and constant shock of pain to see how much I could actually take, I am pleased to say that the mouse has broken free from its cage, although it does still remain in the confines of the lab!

does this make sense? If not let’s make things a little clearer, in no particular order:

Craig and I have bought a house in Yorkshire – a house which, with not an inconsiderable amount of work to get it how we want, will provide a stable base for when the boat gets too much, or we just want a break from the boat.

Dads house, which hasn’t sold, and has been the bane of 2018, has been rented out for a while. Brexit, apart from all its other issues has a lot to answer for as far as the housing market in his area is concerned. It has been the major cause of stress and strain in 2018 and has been nothing other than a drain on my finances. Thats the lab which I’m still stuck in.

At the moment, as we stand today, the plan is to sail to Portugal this year and overwinter in Lagos from September until 2020. As with all sailing plans that is open to change.! And yes, the bright sparks among you will realise we’re going backwards, but we’re going with friends which gives me comfort, and will be a familiar route which I need to get back into the sailing, and there will be lots more sailing opportunities when we get there, which is why we bought the boat in the first place.

But the most important thing, is that, at least in my head, 2019 looks brighter, and exciting and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and what do you know, ITS NOT A TRAIN! I have vowed to smile at least once a day, which in itself is no mean feat! and so far so good – not bad – but we are only 5 days in, so give it time!

I am looking forward to sharing the re-start of our adventures with you, regaling you of the tales of how I try and remember how to tie those bloody knots, and I may throw in some house renovation updates along the way as well.

So without further ado, I will say, Good Riddance to 2018, Hello 2019, and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to you all.


2 thoughts on “2018 – a not too distant memory

  1. Dear Craig & Donna
    I really feel the pain & frustration that 2018 brought you. If it’s any help that light does get a touch brighter as you learn to cope with what has happened. It never gets 100% better but you learn strategies to cope with it.
    Yorkshire for me is one of the most restorative places in the world that I know. Take a drive into Swaledale sometime when you’re home to a village called Gunnerside & wander down to the river where you might even catch a glimpse of a kingfisher.
    That place was the most peaceful place for me after my beloved Dad died in very similar circumstances to your Dad Donna. Here today …Papworth etc etc.
    I hope that 2019 will be a great year for you both. Let’s face it after the last couple of years there must be some good times coming!!
    Here endeth the lesson from me!! Seriously, have a great one!!

    Love Lindsey xx🥳🥳


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