Community Fiesta Day

A couple of weeks ago someone came up with the bright idea of holding a fete in the marina to raise money for charity.

There was lots of discussion about whether the day would go ahead, for one no one had signed up to anything, and two the weather looked as if it was going to be really iffy. Yes we may live on the water, but the marina residents don’t do rain very well!

Well after several frustrating discussions between the five of us on the committee (lots of chatting and not much decision!), which for those who know me well will know how that went down. Anyway we made a final decision on Friday to go ahead. We weren’t holding out much hope of it being a success, but oh how wrong we were.

The rain held off, the cake stall was inundated with bakes, and despite an initial donation of about 10 bottles for the tombola we ended up with 30.

The community was generous to a fault with almost all of the winter community turning out in force to part with their cash for charity, which given that nearly all of us are on a budget was amazing.

Craft stall


Cake stall – including my famous lemon drizzle – well its famous on our boat!

Val on her punch stall – of course she was in charge of the alcohol – and a very popular place for spending 50 cents

A mini Crufts

All in all it was a successful couple of hours, and despite the fact that the temperature dropped, shorts now discarded and trousers on, between the fete and the barbecue contributions for the last few months we managed to raise over 600 euros for a local charity.

Absolutely amazing day, the community did themselves proud, and I for one am glad to be a part of it.


P.S.: I’m not going to keep posting the photos but the girls I.e. me and Val were 3 nights to nil up on the darts before the crowd got bigger. Oh yes, big smiley faces for us.

Oh yes,yoga still going strong, now moved on to some advanced videos, but no I’m not yet capable at using my arms only to take the weight of my body – google ‘the crow’ to see what I mean. But oh yes, I am now able to stay on the wheel for more than 10 seconds, and who was it who managed a headstand and stayed in place for more than a few seconds, oh yes that would be me! There was however a rumour that there had been an earthquake in the region but it turned out it was me crashing to the ground post headstand! This week I’ve been roped into trying out the circuit training Val’s devised. Not sure how that’s going to go, may need to get a job lot of Deep Heat on standby!


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