The mystery of the missing shoe …

Today, as reported earlier in the week, a full and thorough investigation was conducted of the area in which the shoe disappeared I.e. the boat. Yes I know it wasn’t likely to be in a bathroom cupboard but it was a good excuse to have a clean, tidy and de-clutter, although I have to confess the menopause can make you do weird things so in fairness it might have been in the bathroom cupboard.

Five hours later, having looked in every nook and cranny, well almost every before I got bored it has not reappeared. In reality even I know it’s not likely to be with the DVD box sets is it.

I know that many of you will have been anxious about the fate of the shoe following this week’s report, I have to confess the left hand shoe continues to look very lonely. I suppose the one consolation is my feet are now so sensitive to covered toe shoes it probably wasn’t going to get worn anyway.

A discussion with the Chief Detective in the case I.e, I spoke to myself, prompted a brain wave. I do believe that the rogue shoe is in fact still having a holiday in the UK, not wanting to come back to the boat where it knew it wasn’t really wanted. So I am now waiting for a postcard from either Cambridgeshire or Yorkshire from said shoe. I hope it fairs well on its own and isn’t getting too lonely without its twin. Some time, some day you will be reunited, and who knows there may still be use for you yet. Don’t lose hope.


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