Prime viewing

It’s 6.45 on Saturday evening and I’m currently watching a 10k run, with part of the course going right past the back of the boat.

To say that the whole thing looks like chaos would be an understatement and I only hope that given the condition of some of the runners that have come past so far we are near the end and not at the beginning.

Outside the marina, through the glass between us and the promenade there are literally people running in all directions, there are no lanes and so far I can’t believe I haven’t witnessed a collision.

There are obviously those who are taking it quite seriously and some are clearly in it for fun. But from the looks of it there is a ministry of funny walks competition going on at the same time. So far we’ve had side stepping, goose stepping, some kind of Bambi on ice impersonation and some running backwards. In addition to that I have spotted some course cutting and some kids running the wrong way through the marina.

I know the finishing post is just along from the marina, and in the background I can hear music which started with Chariots of Fire and now is not that dissimilar to that played during the Roman festival. And now some 10 minutes later with less than 20 of the 50+ people we have seen, actually running through the marina, it’s all gone quiet.

It’s all a bit bizarre and a bit sad for the marina, they’ve gone to the trouble of putting up flags and plant pots and had a special ramp put in for people to run down, and unless there’s some sudden influx of runners it’s been a bit of damp squib for them.

Now because of the open gate and ramp we’ve got all and sundry walking into the marina, clearly they don’t belong, no one with a boat wears shoes like that! And now we’re their entertainment as they peer down into all the boats as they walk past, and you know how I hate to be someone else’s entertainment!

I think it’s safe to say that something has gone seriously awry with this organised event, and if the next 10k means you can cut the course and only run a portion of it I may take part myself. No on second thoughts I think I’m busy that day.

Did I speak too soon 7 15 and another long hooter, followed by Chariots of Fire music, is that the end or the beginning of another race, more hooters, I’m so confused. More Roman music what on earth is happening, ooh no I can see some more in the distance, phase two looks like it’s begun. Perhaps the other lot were the warm up act, Don’t go anywhere.

Omg there’s hundreds and they look to be running!

One of the Marineros has taken point at the top of the ramp, the excitement is too much. Could we now be about to witness the great 10k of Cartagena.

Oh no the Marineros left his post, some idiot with a boat is coming in! Talk about bad timing.

730 and the first teenage runner is in the marina, he’s way out in front. Here comes number two, he’ll never catch up and will have to settle for silver I’m afraid. Number three still looks as fresh as a daisy. Number four however is rather red in the face, they’re all coming now, but all some distance apart. Given how many started this could take some time!

And still they keep coming, some looking like they’re on their last legs, one who definitely got the wrong bra on! A man who resembles Manuel from Fawlty Towers is struggling, he’s given up and is now casually strolling past. Keep going Manuel, you’re almost there.

741 there’s now a big gap, getting bored now, a motorcyclist followed by a police bike followed by a bicycle have come through, omg someone very serious has come through. These are the top guys intermingled with the triers.

Yes I confess, I misjudged this event, there are hundreds of runners raising money for a worthy cause, and I take my hat off to them because all I’m doing this Saturday night is sitting here on my bony arse!

I apologise in advance for the photos, trying to take snaps of moving people in fading light with an iPhone is not one I’ve mastered yet.

Note to self never judge a Spanish event by the warm up act.


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