Given I’ve now been here a year now seems as good a time as any to review the different personality types that we have in the marina, the marina politics and the good old gossip.

Much like any work, school, or general life environment we have different skill sets, different view points, different backgrounds and different personality traits. I’m not describing any particular people, although maybe I am, but here’s my take on the bunch of people we have who have all been thrown together as a result of this lifestyle choice.

The know it all’s : those who have seen it all, and done it all. The ones quick to give their instruction on how things should be done, even when it’s not wanted. Desperate to make themselves heard and to dominate any conversation, they talk over people and ingratiate themselves into each and every conversation around them, whether it’s wanted or not. They’re the people you want to shout at ‘will you shut the f*** up, no one cares!’

The genuine ‘know it alls’: they just don’t feel the need to brag about it, quiet and unassuming, eventually you find out that yes they have circumnavigated the world, and treat it as if it’s just one of those things you do, like pop to the shops for a paper.

The ‘you haven’t been here long enough to be part of our gang’: they have a clique, and in truth it tends to be the women. It reminds me of not being part of the mums gang in the school playground, or a small village where until you have lived there for 20 years you’re still an outsider. Eventually they warm to you then treat you like you’re the oldest, bestest friends in the world, but by then you wonder whether you actually give a shit whether you’re friends with them or not.

The desperate to be popular: prancing around like their Gods gift, looking like they own the place, getting tipsy and laying their hands on anyone they can.

The Problem Solvers: well the category speaks for itself, but they are not to be confused with the Doers. The problem solvers are the consultants sent into any big organisation, they sit and advise, but let’s face it they don’t get their hands dirty. The Doers, well they’re Santa’s elves, the ones willing to crawl around in a small space to help you fix anything – they are worth their weight in gold.

The Blaggers: they talk a good game but when it comes down to it they know shit!

The Freeloaders: we’re all, well most of us, on a budget. The freeloaders don’t contribute, will drink anyone else’s booze, eat anyone else’s food, and give nothing in return. They are annoying and frustrating, but eventually they get their comeuppance.

The ‘tell me a secret and I’ll use it against you’: this is the person you thought was a friend, the one that you told something about someone else to, in confidence, and then they would try to use that to turn someone else against you. It’s playground stuff, and what happens eventually is other people realise they can’t be trusted and they actually isolate themselves.

The boat snobs : OH you own a so and so. You can see the look of disgust on their faces as they move away trying to find an owner of a boat more in they’re keeping with their own. Your boat is neither big enough or expensive enough, so therefor you must be one of life’s little people.

The Pullers Together, or Pull Togetherers: those who want to unite the community, organising events, get togethers and filling the social calendar. Their mission whilst here is to ensure that everyone has a good time.

The ‘can we talk about anything other than sailing’: definitely my category! I’m all for learning why someone has chosen this life, and I don’t mind hearing them out, but after a time when you realise people have nothing to say other than talk about sailing, well quite frankly it’s boring, I’m not interested in the workings of your boat or what you think about the latest generation solar panels. THERE ARE OTHER THINGS GOING ON IN THE WORLD.

In amongst these types, some of whom it has to be said fall into more than one category, there are lots of genuinely nice people. They’re the ones who ask if you’re ok, they’re the ones you feel you can confide in good or bad, they’re the ones you laugh with, and gossip with (without it getting repeated), they’re the ones you know that no matter where you are you will stay in touch with. These are the Good Guys, these are the ones you want in your corner, and lucky for me I have quite a few of these.

So there we have it, a mix of people with varying different past lives thrown together who in reality would never come across each other in any other walk of life. Of course you don’t get on with everyone, some people you just tolerate, some choose not to mix at all, but in the main it works. It runs along pretty harmoniously most of the time, it’s inclusive if you want it to be, and ultimately we’re all here, now. Whether we were a solicitor or a painter and decorator, whether we’re on a £10,000 boat or a million pound boat, the one thing we all have in common is that we chose this lifestyle and acknowledge that we are lucky and blessed to have it.

Enjoy your week, me, well I’m off to get some gossip!


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