In reverse order …


A visit from the Repsol Honda bus including lots of interactive stuff which was unfortunately in Spanish (surprise surprise!). But did include one of Marc Marquez’s bikes, and a set of Pedrosa leathers

And little bikes for the kids to try, clearly these two had been watching Marquez on the telly!


A cultural visit into town to watch one of the Carthaginian performances.

Followed by a bar visit, of course, where we caught the parade and some fireworks

Sadly I haven’t included any parade pics because I took them and all the participants have out of focus faces resembling the famous painting ‘The Scream!’

Earlier in the day an open water swim next to the marina, and lots of boat on the water

And they’re off

Just in case!

The last stragglers there somewhere, miles behind everyone else, but bless hi.m he kept going regardless.

And the winner!


A great night in town for Skipper’s birthday.

Believe it or not this is meant to be a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and a shrimp tortilla – I’m sure there was some cheese and some shrimp in there somewhere.

The Roman festival begins


Did you realise it’s a year today that we arrived in Cartagena. Happy Anniversary Us

As for the beginning of the week, well lots of sweating and moaning about the heat, so the less said about that the better. Ooh yes, have done one yoga session ( the first for months) and I didn’t ache too much the next day, and Val, who’s studying to become a personal trainer, wants me to star in some videos she needs for her course. I’ve told her only if I can put a bag on my head, and if she goes easy on me. Probs more to come on that in the next few weeks.

Hopefully next week will also have some news on our plans for next summer and winter. So watch this space!

Have a great week x

One thought on “In reverse order …

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Craig hope you had a good day
    Happy 1st Anniversary that just does not seem possible
    Please don’t put a bag on your head you are too beautiful daughter
    Love xxx


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