So in a nutshell …

I know there haven’t been many blogs recently, but the truth is if you were blogging you wouldn’t tell everyone all the normal stuff you do everyday. But for those of you who do still take the time either regularly or sporadically to read what’s been happening here’s a round up.

Let’s start with a natural opener for a Brit – the weather! I think a forecaster would use the term ‘variable’. We’ve gone from hot, hot, hot, to one morning where long sleeves were required (with shorts of course) and downpours and thunderstorms. The last storm being the one where the thunder woke me up at four in the morning. I did venture up to the cockpit to see if I could get any pics of the lightening but given that it was directly over the Bimini and I would have been required to leave the comfort of a canvas roof I decided against it. Despite the fact that between us we use five weather forecasts, it still seems they leave us unprepared. Hence craig venturing out of bed at threeish one morning because raindrops were falling on our head! Yes we had left the hatches open and were now getting very wet and the bed was becoming a bath tub. Well not quite that extreme but you get the picture.

Next topic Health. Craigs lost part of one of his teeth, caused by an extra crunchy baguette! He’s not whining about it so I suppose it’s not causing too many issues, either that or he just doesn’t want to face a Spanish dentist and is suffering in silence. No, it can’t be that, that wouldn’t happen (yes another joke at your expense husband, just in case you read this).

Activity – that’s easy, not too much. Usual stuff, craft, spanish, reading. But physical activity, well nada (that’s how good my Spanish has got I can now say the word nothing). Keep checking the weight allowance on the boat just to make sure our evergrowing waistlines and heftiness aren’t going to cause any buoyancy issues!

Entertainment, well yes, and of course this was aided and abetted by our resident entertainment act – Ray. So here’s the course of events. It was possibly Sunday or Monday, I forget because the days gradually merge into one. Walking along the side of his boat the keys to Ray’s hire car fell out of his pocket into the water.

The first we knew of this was when Craig heard what he thought was someone in the water behind our boat. Yes Ray had donned his scuba tank and with pretty low visibility in the water was now under our boat, having completely veered off in the wrong direction. Between Craig and another chap, Peter, they basically constructed a plumb line, of a bit of rope with a pair of bolt croppers attached to the bottom for weight and held it off the pontoon where Ray thought the keys fell out. Omg, despite all the ‘you should see the crap that’s down here’, not only did he find them, they still worked. Sadly, he did not find the bicycle basket that Maureen had lost some months ago, and was more concerned with!

Being Ray, as he does he asked us if we wanted him to clear the outlet for toilet number two whilst he was down there and check the condition of the prop which we suspected is what gave us issues the last time we went out. Needless to say the prop is so encrusted in sea life it doesn’t move, fold or do anything it should. So at some point, preferably not the day after everyone has emptied their pee tanks Craig has to don his gear and go down with a scraper to clean it off. Either that or the boat has to come out of the water for a clean, and given I’m now equating every boat expenditure to a new washing machine, curtains, or any item of house stuff, that’s not going to happen.

Oh yes, the other night I was told by a Polish man, four boats down, that I am a very lovely lady. But given it was very dark and he was very drunk I don’t think I’m going to take it as too much of a compliment!

In other entertainment news, if you’ve ever wondered how you get a boat into the water this is it. Meet Pepe and his crane:

I did, stupidly, ask Craig what the two bits of rope the guys were holding were for. ‘They’re not going to stop anything if the crane fails!’ ‘No, they’re to turn the boat’ I’m told. Duh!!!

It was it has to be said, despite what was a gusty evening, a military operation, and the boat followed by its mast were safely deposited into the water.

All must have been well, there were no leaks, and one minute the boat was there and the next it was gone. Well I assume it left as I can’t see any evidence of a mast protruding above the waters surface!

So that’s it, in what has become a rather long nutshell. The Roman festival starts next Saturday so that’s always good for watching lots of men walk around in leather and the winter season is starting to come alive with new arrivals at the marina. It seems that not everyone is everyone’s cup of tea so if nothing else there’s a few more dramas on the horizon.

I will try, once again to keep you up to date but I would have never told you when I was working oh I did filing today!’ so I won’t bore you with the minutiae.

Till next time. X

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