Viva Espana!

We’re back at home safe and sound, despite a little mid air drama on the plane where evidently the stewardesses threatened to divert the plane because unfortunately some numpty who couldn’t hold his drink went a bit over the top when they refused to serve him. But all was well and we arrived last night at 22.46 to 30 degree heat, as evidenced by Meteo max who even at this late hour is still in his budgie smugglers – the slut!

Today’s task, clean the boat, which has a deluge of Sahara sand deposited on it, I think minging is the best description.

Second task of the day, acclimatise to the heat, with 30 degrees forecast it’s slightly different to the temperature of Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire in recent days.

But when all’s said and done you can’t beat waking up to glorious sunshine and temps in the mid 20’s. But don’t worry yours is evidently on it’s way again.

So boat to clean, bags to unpack and before you know it we’ll be back in the old routine. Sun, fun, friends and lots and lots of ice cream, oh and topping up that tan!

You can’t beat being back in your own bed, the familiar rocking of the boat, and this morning I’m even pleased to hear the seagulls squawking. Today is a good day!

Love to all x

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