Oops 1

Not quite happened here, maybe the fish was making a break for freedom, but clearly something went seriously wrong.

Or maybe it just popped it’s head through the pontoon which is 18 inches above the water to say hello.

Oops 2

This is what happens when you don’t tie down the bottom of your wind chute which is meant to channel breeze into the boat hatches.

Yes it becomes a kite!

Oops 3

No picture of this one as I’m not sure the two blokes I had to chuck out the ladies shower block were really up for a photo. But for my part the one consolation was that unlike the bloke last week they had their clothes on!

Will be a short pause in blog proceedings for a few weeks as Craig and I are going on holiday. Yes, we’re off to temperatures on a par with Spain, but somewhere where I can fill my face with the things I’ve missed – fish and chips, Chinese takeaway and Dominos pizza. Yes, UK here we come!

Will see some of you soon x

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