It’s hotting up!

This morning Romea popped into Cartagena, and so far it’s the biggest motor yacht I’ve seen to date. A couple of years ago it was available for charter at over £1m for a week, now it’s privately owned.

Well they arrived, jumped in a car, went off for a few hours, came back and left again. I’m not jealous of course, not at that price, but it does go about three times faster when it’s cruising. So certainly from a speed point of view I am jealous, but I’m sure craig would eventually miss me constantly asking ‘are we there yet’!

Of course, a cinema screen, grand piano, and sauna would be nice, ooh and it also has an elevator. Looking at the interior photos on line, the bathroom looks like the size of our saloon.

What I am mostly jealous of is it’s air conditioning, yes Cartagena has become very hot in the last few days, and even Meteo Max is now sporting his budgie smugglers and shades. Unfortunately our pathetic little fan is just not cutting it.

Alberto, the head marinero (or Mr Cool as he’s called by some in the marina, if you saw him you’d understand why) asked me if I was hot enough. Ooh yes thanks. You wait, he said from behind his very black sunglasses. He’s one of those guys where if you’re in, you’re in and if not, well woe betide. Clearly I’m in, because he deigned to speak to me, although I think him and Craig have a bit of a bromance going on. Anyway, No, I am not looking forward to experiencing the temps in July and August which venture up to the 40’s, it’s too hot for me already. The one downside of Cartagena is it’s not a 5 minute walk to the beach, today I even contemplated putting my feet in the marina water, but thought better of it given the fact my toes could then potentially drop off with all the ‘stuff’ in the water. No toes, means no flip flops, then what would I do.

Anyway back to Romea, it seems from vesselfinder that it’s come from Monaco, presumably at the Grand Prix. Where it’s headed now who knows. But wherever they’re going, they’re doing it in style.

A new day tomorrow which will allegedly be even hotter, so much so we’re moving the time of the bbq to the evening to save the ‘not used to the heat’ Brits from melting. Me, I think I’m going to make some of those paper fans I used to make as a kid, and think cold thoughts, ice, ice bergs, oh maybe not ice bergs, those and boats don’t mix too well.

Maybe then just ice, ice cream, ice lollies, ooh the ones that are strawberry at the bottom with the hundreds and thousands at the top. Ooh what I’d give for one of those right now.

Have a great day x

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