Much ado about nothing!

Sunday mornings in the marina are usually met with lots of very Britishlike complaining of the noise coming from the Auditorio restaurant the night before – in fact it’s not just the night before it’s way into the early hours of the morning. I suppose it’s yet another sign, along with the greying hair and creaking bones that we are all getting older. Gone are the days where we would have been ‘making shapes’, (is that the term, I have know idea,) along with the best of them.

Alas, and I don’t really mean alas for me, but alas for everyone else, because the fact is I’m tucked up with my foam ear plugs so don’t really get too bothered, this weekend there will be two days of moaning, as it seems the wedding season has now extended into Friday nights as well.

I suppose the only consolation is that today’s moaning will be slightly delayed as it’s raining. Oh they’ll love that, the ones who want to make their voices heard, not only have they been kept up all night, it’s also bloody raining!

About two weeks ago a visiting boat, who stayed here for all of four days, wrote a letter of complaint to the marina about the noise. On that occasion I can understand why, even my industrial ear plugs didn’t manage to block out the monotonous beat of the drum and bass that was being played. Thats a music genre by the way, they weren’t actually playing a drum and a bass guitar! I’m still down with the kids you know, or at least I would be if it were the 90’s. I have no idea what rubbish the kids listen to these days, omg did I just say that, I sound like my parents.

Anyway, the visitors, the complainants, he who wore a pair of mustard coloured chinos and a shirt and tie everyday, even when using a hammer on the boat, and she of the silky blouse and flowing trousers, even when leaving the marina (on the boat) wrote a very long email about noise pollution, and damage to ones hearing. The marinas response was to ask all the marina residents who were affected that night to write a similar complaint, which we did of course. I mean we’re British, we are traditionally excellent complainers. It seems that all complaints were going to be sent to the mayoress in the hope that she might pass some decree about the level of noise.

It’s not going to happen, I read last week that Spain is the second noisiest country in the world. These events that are taking place are weddings, and it just so happens that Spanish weddings are not like British weddings. They don’t start at two in the afternoon and finish at one in the morning because the venue doesnt have a licence to play music beyond that, or the fact that the guests can’t stay awake beyond that time, Their weddings start at 7 at night, guests sit and eat for two or three hours, it’s their tradition for the music not to start until late and go on, and on, and on.

I suppose what I am trying to say, is we are guests in a foreign country, we should learn to embrace the traditions, ways, and quirks of the country we are in. We need to learn to adapt, yes I wish there was a fish and chips shop, yes I wish they didn’t open the restaurants at an hour when I like to have finished my meal, yes I wish they did public toilets, yes I wish they didn’t speak so fast and in a foreign language, but despite all that, let’s not moan about the noise, or the peculiar weather Cartagena is having, let’s embrace the fact that if we don’t like it we have the unique ability to bring in the lines, cast off and find somewhere new. Somewhere quiet, somewhere where drum and bass is outlawed, somewhere where all loud music is banned after 10 at night. Ooh that sounds nice, and non existent, and if we don’t find it, well you know what the solution is, get some better ear plugs.

So this morning, yes I feel a bit bleary eyed, as I know I will probably be tomorrow morning as well, but as I sit in the cockpit avoiding the rain, I am glad, glad that I am not the poor sod on the boat that I can see being manoeuvred into the marina by the bright orange rescue boat. His day can only get better!

Anyway, I’ll post this blog when I’ve thought of a title, because the truth is I’m not even sure what the point of it is. And in the meantime, I think I’ll have a wee nap, because those bloody Spanish in that restaurant were only playing bloody music until 6 in the bloody morning!!

So after mulling over the blog title, discarding Brits Abroad and Victoria Meldrew, I decided on Much Ado About Nothing. Well that’s what this post is after all, but as they say it’s good to get things off your chest, that’s exactly what I’ve done. You may wonder what on earth is going through my head, but me, well I feel much better now. Rant over, job done.

have a great day y’all


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