Boats, boats everywhere

Getting ready for yesterday’s racing, dancing around each other, trying not to collide.

Last nights entertainment in the marina got completely washed out with a horrendous thunderstorm. But sadly this did not stop the wedding reception in the Batel restaurant which started at 1.00am and went on until past 5.00 am!

But this morning everyone’s up about and ready for the last day of racing, and the weather, well it’s going to be a scorcher!

And for those who don’t enjoy the water, today we have a triathlon also taking place

So something for everyone. And the funniest sight I have seen today, well a couple taking their very small dog for a walk – nothing unusual there, all the Spanish dogs seem to be the equivalent of rats on leads. What was unusual however was the fact that the big brute of a chap was pushing a trolley with a basket on the top, in which, with its head poking out the front was a cat – yes a cat. Sadly my Duolingo Spanish has not yet extended to ‘could I take a photo of you please because you look such a numpty’!

Have a great day x

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