Weekly round up

The weather has certainly hotted up this week, and I’m desperately trying to get rid of my panda eye sunglasses rings! Craig meanwhile has flip flop feet with two lily white v shapes across the top of his feet which he too is trying to get rid of. It’s become that time of year when my daily chore is to sit with my arms protruding at some weird angles to try and get rid of a slowly reducing sliver of whiteness on the backs of my arms. Thank goodness for the yoga over the last few months which is now allowing me to contort and twist into some very unnatural shapes.

Talking of yoga, my usual buddy, Val, is currently sunning herself in Scotland, so I’m billy no yoga mates at the moment. Not being confident enough to do it outside by myself I am now yogaing on the boat. It’s a restricted space, about the size of my yoga mat, but semi-feasible and if nothing else I am amazed by the fact I can do the tree, which is a standing on one leg pose, on a boat.

Darts is continuing, and has become very competitive. With only four of us on Monday we played in couples with our usual nearest the bull to see who started the game, with the ladies to throw. Me, well I threw into the outer green bull ring. Next up Maggie, well she threw into the inner red bull ring! There is photographic evidence on someone’s phone of a never to be seen event again. Anyway craig and I thrashed them 5-0. We are the champions, actually I think I may be the champion as the team I was on on Thursday also won so clearly I must be the common denominator!

This weekend the marina is a hive of activity. We have been joined by 60 race boats who are taking part in a regatta weekend with the marina being the main hub.

With three races spanning Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is a real hubbub about the place which is nice.

My personal favourite racing boat is called Red Shark

I’m sure there will be plenty to gawp at over the next few days, although I’m hoping there will be no major incidents like that of last Sunday, when a local boat trying to get into its berth got caught in a gust of wind and sideswiped six other boats. It managed to rip up two biminis which are the sun shades at the back, break a boom and break a wind generator which then on collapsing caught some poor soul in the head, leaving her with a very nasty gash and sporting a rather unfetching bandage as well as breaking a blade off. High dramas indeed. Our friend Ray cycled around to help untangle the carnage and from our boat I got some good camera shots of him zipping around the deck of the Spanish boat. Once it had all calmed down I went to review the photos and realised I’d only gone and forgotten to put the memory card back in after downloading the pics from our trip. What a numpty and it seemed a bit cruel to ask them if they could reset the stage and replicate the drama!

Anyway if there are no high dramas to enjoy during the regatta there is always the free beer, a band, bbq and paella that are on offer in the marina this week.


P.s. thanks to those of you who’ve bought the book, if you love it leave a review, if you don’t love it leave a review! I know someone who has been spurred on to do something they always wanted to do as a result of reading it, so for me it has already served it’s purpose. Only another hundred million copies to sell and I may yet get my superyacht!!!

2 thoughts on “Weekly round up

  1. Donna I loved the book! I have laughed & cried my way through it. It has been carthartic at times & made me realise once again (will I never learn) how precious every day is & why people are more important than materialistic things.
    Keep living the dream & enjoying life. Keep the blog coming too, most informative & entertaining!
    Love to you both
    Lindsey xx


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