Weekend getaway

Well you’ll never believe it but we’ve only gone and left the marina for the weekend.

In order to give the boats a shake down and to spare us from another Saturday night of music from the Auditorio from 1.30 a.m. until 6.30 a.m. Ray said he would take us and show us an anchorage up the coast where we could stay overnight.

But first the prep, but this isn’t our mast Craig’s up it High Hopes mast

So we left the marina on Saturday morning and headed out. Well the journey wasn’t without it’s own little dramas, Rays boat ahead of us was pouring black smoke and at one point we thought we would head back, but onwards we ploughed, slowly, to our intended destination about 7 miles away. As we approached we could see another boat who was obviously also intending to go there speed up, and he took the last spot. So there was no room in the inn, but I’m sure the bloke on the other boat was as smug as anything. He’s probably the sort that rushes past everyone in the queue to the supermarket car park because he knows it’s busy – you know the sort.

On we ploughed, next stop was too shallow, next stop we weren’t allowed to anchor, and five hours later, but still only 17 miles up the coast we have ended up here. Have to admit I’m still struggling with the pace of movement.

It’s been a weekend of firsts for us:

First time I’ve seen swordfish

First time craig and I have anchored in our own

First time I’ve swam off the back of the boat and the water was fffffreezing

Ray came and collected us in his dinghy and we joined them for dinner, at the end of the night I suggested we take his dinghy back, as I’m sure he was over the legal drink drive limit, or rather dinghy rowing limit. As he pulled the dinghy round by the rope from the back of the boat to the side so we could use the ladder to get on, he only went and dropped the blimmin rope. He couldn’t grab the line with the boat hook, so all of a sudden he’s stripping off and jumping into the water to retrieve the dinghy. We, of course, are guffawing with laughter, him, not so much, but it sobered him up a bit!

here’s where we were, a little place called Cabelo del Castellar

All in all a good 24 hours and then back to the marina with no dramas.

There’s hope for us yet


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