A week in review

Last Sunday was your average busy Cartagena day

Two cruise ships meant town was heaving

Plus there was a vintage car rally

My faves were the minis and Craig, well some souped up Golf thingy.

Craig has been working hard on the passarelle but I’ll save the big reveal until it’s finally finished.

On Thursday there was a fuel spill drill at the port with fire engines, fire boats and a helicopter!

And this Saturday night is La Noche De Museos- Night of the Museums. With tens of thousands of people expected the city is heaving. All the city museums are open until 2 in the morning and there will be obligatory Spanish firework display at 1.30 in the morning – any excuse for a firework display.

Just a few sights about today – Romans, and a graffiti display. But there are bands, and singers and displays of some sort basically in every street – it is manic.

and to round off Saturday night, well it was actually this morning! At 12 30 this morning at the bar next to the marina the disco started, well I say a disco with the boom boom it was more like a drum and bass revival. Evidently this went on until 6 this morning, me well I have earplugs so I was ok, but some of our neighbours, well let’s just say there’s a few walking around looking like zombies this morning!

Enjoy the rest of your day, I’m off to the bbq


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