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Firstly, my closest friend on the marina is an exercise fiend, and for those of you who have known me for a long time you will know that exercise, well it’s just not my thing. But in the interests of self improvement I will give most things a go now, regardless of the fear that it strikes deep in my soul, and so I now give exercise a go.

I should have known better really, Val exercises every day whether it’s walking, cycling, yoga (sometimes all on the same day) and her other thing is called body pump. This is what seemed like a super speed exercise with weights, yes I know I only had 0.5 kg but that is 0,5 kg more than I can lift!

Let’s just say it was an education. I have learned that a body can generate a whole bucketful Of sweat in a very short space of time, and that there are muscles in your body that you can go a whole 50 years without knowing they exist. I should have realised when I returned from body pump that the fact I couldn’t walk down the steps on the boat properly because I had jelly legs was a bad sign. But I thought that an afternoon in the sun would ease the feeling and the jelly might actually set. Which in fairness after a couple of hours at the barbecue in 30 degree heat did help. But this morning, well I swear that my buttocks think they are sitting on rocks, and who knew that the muscles above your knees could feel like they are rods of iron.

The only saving grace is that Val’s laptop ran out of juice 10 minutes before the uber fit woman on the video got to the hard core stuff, because otherwise, well I dread to think what state I’d be in this morning- probs crawling around the marina on my hands and knees. Oh know can’t do that my knees hurt too much.

Secondly, why is it that overweight Eastern European men think its acceptable to walk around in budgie smugglers. I know we’re all about the life at sea here but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to replicate the look of a blubbery walrus on land.

Although if there’s one things the Eastern Europeans continue to be good at, its providing the on-location disaster movie each time they come into the marina. How many Eastern Europeans does it take to crash a boat? Not many it seems, the Skipper manages it perfectly all by himself.

Thirdly, this week craig is embarking on the transformation from motorcycle ramp to passarelle. We’re already at the end of stage one and some rather funky skateboard wheels have been fitted. As it’s wheeled he of course is now in his element and declared that if we have a passarelle race in the marina we would win! The thing is we’re now on the tricky part, which involves a bit of carpentry, and the use of power tools – every mans dream. This could, however, if things don’t go to plan, be a very long week. I’ll keep you updated.

I was going to clean the outside of the boat properly this week, but it seems it might rain on Thursday, so with the prospect of an inch of Sahara sand ending up on the deck, I’ll give it a miss. So while Craig’s doing his thing I’m going to continue learning the Spanish for carrots and lettuce etc, and bask in the sun hoping sheer mindfulness alone will negate the need for physical exercise – the recovery time required seems to far outweigh the time I spend exercising, that can’t be right, can it.

Enjoy the bank holiday!


3 thoughts on “Just stuff

  1. Fabulous reporting of your exercising efforts to date – love it…
    Maybe you should turn these blogs into a book at a later date, they are humorous, informative, caring and your life now.
    Enjoy xx


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