La Cruces de Mayo

The Crosses Of May – a spring fiesta

In celebration of my friend Julie’s birthday we ventured into town for a menu del dia. Coincidentally this weekend is also a spring fiesta so town was alive with music and dan

The Fiestas of Las Cruces de Mayo is celebrated on the 3rd May officially.

Across the Region of Murcia, crosses are erected in the streets, dressed with flowers, and ornaments and celebrated in many different ways. There are Romerias, such as in Águilas, where horseback travellers travel from one church to the other and make floral offerings at each, Totana where the local choir visit the crosses and stop to sing at each, or Cartagena, where crosses are set up throughout the streets in the old quarter by clubs and associations as a focal point for open air bars with music and dancing.

So what we had is lots of ladies in traditional Spanish dress – but not these two – Julie and Val

Streets decorated with garlands

Traditional crosses

And some traditional flamenco dancing both by adults

And by children – checkout the cutest little lad at the front

And to finish off the day out – hot chocolate and churros – simply the best!

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