A serious (purple) mishap

I suppose just the same as you, wherever you are, we have got into our weekly routine.

I lost Craig for three days the week before last as his mate Paul was up at the track on his bike with a group of chaps. it’s the nearest he’s been to an actual bike for nearly a year, and I was once again a bike widow for a few days, but for those of you who know craig you’ll understand that he was in his element and the lads, well they thought craig was the best thing since sliced bread as his ‘little tweaks’ knocked down their lap times. For those of you who will know what this means they said he was their Gerry Burgess!

It was fantastic having the girls here from Wednesday night until Saturday night, and with only a few hours rain to dampen the spirits, they seemed to have a good time. Certainly Hannah is now comfortable enough in the city to go off and look for the nearest Cocktail Bar – and wasn’t at all put off when we told her that the one she found was the one where the ‘working girls’ congregate. In fact her and her friend Reanna found it amusing to tell us they’d been for drinks at the brothel!

It was probably for the best that they flew back on Saturday, because yesterday we were back in spin cycle. The wind was howling, and as a consequence one of the lines on the boat next door was slapping against the mast all day. Unfortunately my hearing is such that that sound was all I could focus on – i think I lost a little bit of sanity yesterday.

Some of our darts buddies left last week, but fortunately my friend Val has returned so the numbers are still enough to keep it going. Oh yes, we introduced the girls to darts on Friday, and given at least two out of the three had never thrown a dart in their life and weren’t really sure how to hold it even, it didn’t go too bad. In fact, I was the proud mother when my little darling got the bull in one game, and in another got the last double needed to win. I would like to say it was skill, but in fact, much like her mother it was just pure chance that the dart ended up in the right place.

We have now extended our weekly ‘exercise’ from two days to three, although I did falter a bit this week because I hurt my back – putting the laundry bag up on the deck of all things. Val tells me it’s because I’m now over 50 and it’s all down hill from here. I called her a rather unpleasant name, but in a friendly way of course!

This morning Craig did his Uber duties and ran people to and from the airport, in fairness he was more than happy to do it, particularly when the payment resulted in a bottle of Brandy, a bottle of Raki (whatever that is) and two bottle of Rioja. He’s now a happy Uber driver.

Me, well my good deed for the day was to start making my friend Julie a birthday card. Sadly my gesture backfired as during the midst of my creative flow I successfully split a third of a bottle of purple ink all over the teak cockpit table. Thank goodness for paper towels and teak cleaner. Craig was as always very understanding at my stupidity, but I was mortified and had a mini meltdown – still I suppose it shows I care. He says you wouldn’t know it had happened but try as I might all I can see is the remains of a bright purple stain.

The day did however go from poop to good – I won the individual darts game – I am a champion, and not just a champion klutz!

Let’s hope there are no more accidents this week.


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