This is ‘The World’

Our latest visitor to Cartagena, and there have been many cruise ships over the last few weeks, but this one is quite something.

This is the worlds largest private residential cruise ship with Only 165 suites on board.

There are a few full time residents, with the remainder dabbing on and off as and when, and each year the residents along with the Captain decide the itinerary. What a way to live!

On board facilities include the normal cruise ship stuff: swimming pool, tennis court, a spa, jogging track, and six restaurants, but this one also includes a movie theatre and a library. This can all be yours for anywhere between 2m and 15m dollars depending on the suite size.

Also just want to share something rather random we found yesterday – a new shop has opened, it’s a more upmarket version of the Chinese supermarket. But is what quite unnerving is suddenly the floor becomes glass, and underneath, well they’ve exposed the Roman ruins – amazing.

Very quirky, and yet another shop with loads of stuff you never knew you wanted!


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