How was your day?

For those of you bemoaning your day at the office, spare a thought for me.

Yes it may be 25 degrees here, but we have spent the day giving the boat what I would describe as a colonic irrigation!

Now you would probably call a plumber in when your pipes get blocked, well we are all about the diy.

I’d love to show you some photos but to be honest they’d be too graphic to share – Roding the pipe that goes from the toilet to the holding tank is well not a job for the faint hearted. All the Calgon in the world wasn’t going to remove the calcification and the other that has probably built up over many years.

But with brute force, some persuasive rodding and some very highly toxic acid five hours later we are there. I’m sure I heard the boat sigh with relief!

One bottle of Dettol later and the boat is shipshape again, all that’s needed now is for us to go shower in some bleach.

Someone told me this was a ‘blue’ job, unfortunately for me Craig seems to be colour blind.

It just goes to prove it’s not all sunshine and Sangria!


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