A week of highs and lows

It’s been a funny old week this week, a week of ups and downs.

I know why, it’s because it’s Dad’s birthday today, and I haven’t been looking forward to it one bit. As a consequence I have been feeling well and truly under the weather, and all sixes and sevens.

I was going to go and scatter some of his ashes at the beach today, but I’m just not ready yet, so I’m going to do it when I’m ready rather than on the day I think I should be seen to do it – if that makes sense.

But it hasn’t been all doom and gloom, the sun has been glorious this week, apart from a bit of rain late yesterday afternoon. We have had some fair old winds though which seems to have had rather a lot of sand in it, consequently the boat is absolutely filthy. But cleaning it is a job for next week I think.

Darts and yoga have been going on twice weekly, and at darts this week Donna the Destroyer, as I have been nicknamed was back. Two red bullseyes, one of which won the game. A rare fluke, but at last I am getting more darts in the board than on the floor, sadly in the board doesn’t always mean in a scoring position though!

My lethargy this week has meant I haven’t done much, I have read two books though. I’m trying to get through the dozen I borrowed from the marina library – not that there’s any hurry, but I have now got 29,000 on the laptop. Yes a woman here had 29,000 books to share, so they’ll keep me going for a while.

Had a little incident on the boat this morning. Two Spanish sailors in the marina had decided to turn their boat around. But somehow they ended up crashing into us and the boat next door side on. No damage was done, but there was lots of woah, woah, by Craig, fending off and instruction from our boat telling the guy which way to turn the wheel. In fairness they did come and apologise later and thanked craig for his help, I’m just glad that they usually ‘live’ at the other end of the pontoon.

A few boats have left the marina to start their travels, and a few couples have flown back to the uk and will be coming back in a few weeks and hoping to set straight off on the next leg of their journey. Our current darts compatriots will also be heading off in the next month, so certainly the number of us who have been here over the winter will start to dwindle, although some have booked to come back later in the year, and others for various reasons, like us, will be staying for the whole year. Familiar faces will be nice, but new faces brings new friends, new stories and new experiences to share.

New is good, so here’s hoping a new week will bring with it the energy and enthusiasm that seems to have been on a holiday of its own this week.


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