Missing my …. Kenwood Food mixer!

Today I decided to make shortbread – easy peasy!

I used to do a lot of baking, aided by my pride and joy, my Kenwood Food Mixer – it was one of the first things I sold, and in truth I missed it from day one.

Anyway, today I thought I’d try shortbread – my world famous shortbread. Well it was famous in the Dawkins household.

Three ingredients needed so should be simple. Firstly though I had to search for a recipe using salted butter as that was all we had, and granulated sugar, as I no longer have my cupboard full of baking ingredients containing every kind of sugar known to mankind. Secondly I had to try and work out if the harina (flour) we had would suffice as it seems that the Spanish have a different flour for well, everything! In fact when I googled it I ended up on an expats discussion board with one page dedicated to Spanish flour, of all things. It seems it doesn’t make good Yorkshire’s, and frozen Aunt Bessie’s are still preferable. Plus as with all discussion boards I have come across to date, there is always one who has to be the nelly know all and ends up getting on everyone else’s nerves – and they are not afraid to say so. Who knew something as insignificant as a question about flour could end up causing a war of words.

Anyway I found a recipe and set about the task. Step one, creaming the butter and sugar. Well, I don’t have a mixer and have a rather inadequate wooden spoon. Still, eventually it reached the right consistency, but only because I did yoga this morning where we seemed to spend at least half the lesson working on our shoulders.

Ooh by the way, today I managed to get my palms up behind my back, and managed the left arm over the shoulder being met by the fingertips of the right arm which is going up my back. I am now, or at least today was semi-elastic woman!

Anyway, having added the flour, and some chocolate bar chopped up which I hoped would counterbalance the salted butter, in the oven it went. It took aN hour and ten minutes longer than the recipe, and that included some niftyness by Craig which involved turning it upside down so I could get the bottom cooked.

Well, it doesn’t really look anything like my ‘old’ shortbread, but Chief Taster said it’s delicious, so I suppose that’s all that counts.

Given the amount of gas I’ve had to use just to make this small batch, I think this will become more of a treat than a regular bake, and next on the Carrefour shopping list, maybe an electric whisky thing, or at least a more substantial wooden spoon!


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