Easter Sunday (Domingo de Resurreccion)

The last procession in Semana Santa was described as a celebration organised by the Cofradia del Resucitado.

But in reality, despite the fact that it was held in daylight, and the outfits of the penitents were in lighter, brighter colours, it was still a little subdued and unnerving, this in part is, I think, due to the outfits. The pointy hats, and masked faces represent in my mind something much more sinister and cruel and it is hard to cast that feeling aside despite the fact that the representations are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Yes, there were floral tributes, but the music was the same, and there remains the constant reminder of how intertwined the church and the various elements of power are. Church leaders walk beside senior police officers and members of the military, who are represented in both the historical sense by the Romans and the modern forces of today.

It has been commented by viewers of the parade that they get little sense of the Holy Spirit. I am not a religious individual, but I know that even I have been hit by a sense of ‘something’ when I visited the Sacre-Coeur in Paris. That feeling literally took my breath away, and is indescribable – these events sadly did not have that. Everyone, I know is different, and as enjoyable as the parades have been, there was something, which I can’t put my finger on, missing. Perhaps next year I will have to make the effort to go to one of the events in the early hours to see if I can find it.

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