Yes, more processions

We missed Monday’s procession due to germs! Both of us have been fighting cold germs for the last week, and as Craig said ‘once you’ve seen one procession you’ve seen them all’ clearly he wasn’t too worried about missing one.

Yesterday evening we frequented Cartagena bowling alley once again, this time with Kev and Anna. Amazingly, or not, with the first two, pinpoint accuracy, launch of the ball I managed to hit, wait for it, a grand total of zero pins. Yes, zero!

Thankfully I did improve, and by game two I was back on form. I even managed to get a higher score than the five year old in the next lane, who was literally rolling the ball down the alley, with the bumpers up. So well done me.

That’s how sad my sporting achievements are, I take pride in beating a five year old!

So for Tuesday nights celebrations on Martes Santo (Easter Tuesday)

This is an important day for the military elements of Cartagena, with the three apostles departing from three different military buildings, Saint James (Santiago) from the Admiralty, Saint John from the Artillery Headquarters, and Saint Peter from the Military Arsenal. The three then meet in one of the squares where they continue to the church of Santa María de Gracia.

Today was all about The Journey of the Apostles

This is an event full of local history, with its roots lying in Cartagena’s military and marine traditions.

In 1755 the rigging staff who worked in the Military Arsenal asked if they could pay for the costs of transporting San Pedro in the Procession of the taking of Jesus, which was accepted, providing that Saint Peter went onto the military payroll. And he remained on the payroll up until 2012, shown as Pedro Marina Cartagena, when he was officially removed and retired. Ooh I wish I could be on a payroll for 250years!

However, the tradition which took place every Holy Tuesday still continues, when he asks the admiral for leave to attend the procession. This is granted to him, so following a prayer for all those who have given their lives for Spain, he is carried to the Plaza de Armas, where he is solemnly granted leave, on condition that he is back by Thursday. Naturally, he never is, so he is solemnly arrested when he returns at the end of Semana Santa and is held in formal military custody until the following year.

The three floats all leave from different locations so the best view is after they all join up.

So we have Saint James, Saint John and Saint Peter, all accompanied by a military representations and the Cofradia Californios.

Last night I was given not only two information cards by the Nazarenos, but also a couple of sweets by the children. Does that mean I not only look like I need saving, but also need fattening up. Not sure.

So some pics

Not long now, it’ll all be over soon!


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