Domingo de Ramos (Palm Sunday)

This is one of the most important days of Semana Santa for the Cofradía California, and begins during the morning when the Roman soldiers of the brotherhood parade through the city centre. I did here the Romans this morning, but didn’t have time to get a camera I’m afraid.

Today’s parade is the Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

This is a very family orientated parade and many children take part. It is also one of the lighter, more joyful processions with visual, biblical elements including Moses, Kind David, the Ark of the Covenant and King Herod, as well as the Roman soldiers.

This is a good procession to watch as is very family orientated and many children participate. It’s also visual, with biblical elements making it a lighter and more joyful procession. The procession leaves from the Church of Santa María de Gracia.

Once I had realised at half five, that it started at five, we hot footed it into town and managed to catch the tail end of the parade in one location, before going to another to catch the front end. If nothing else, at least trying to catch these parades is helping learn the street names, and the various short cuts through town,

So here’s a few pics.

Only another seven large parades to go, still at least finding the right place at the right time is giving me some exercise beyond yoga and darts of course (where I’m still having to bend down to pick the darts off the floor). I am getting better though, yes it was I who got the much needed red bullseye to win one of the games this week, and the final double to win another. I’d like to think it was skill, but I think ‘fluke’ is the right word really.

Be good x

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