Bateria de Castillitos

Well worth a visit the Vickers Guns at Cabo Tiñoso are whoppers! The road leading up to them is narrow and winding, and it is tight for two cars to pass, its definitely not for the faint hearted.

And on arrival the architecture of the fortifications is somewhat bizarre, they were deliberately built using the naturally rocky formations which would mean they were invisible from the sea, but they were built with what has been described as ‘an almost Disneyesque construction with fantasy turrets and ice cream gun towers’

Constructed between 1926 and 1933 to protect Cartagena and it’s military arsenal, the site was chosen because of its strategic location 218 m above sea level and easily defendable access.

The main attraction are the two Vickers Guns – built in the Uk, the enormous 381mm guns measure over 17 m in length and can fire a projectile weighing a ton over 35 km. The guns were only ever fired once against Nationalist forces in 1937 and finally went out of service in 1994.

Let’s just say, they are mighty huge!

It’s not recommended to visit on a windy day, so we were ok this visit, but now I’m back at the boat my stinging face and slightly pink nose are reminding me that, yes I should have put sunscreen on!


I’ve also added some additional pictures into the gallery page if you’re interested

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