Apology from the complaints department!

I’ve had a complaint – about the lack of blogs. A complaint which in fact I see as a compliment, as I’m glad that people actually enjoy reading them, and I’m not just doing this for my own benefit. In reality these blogs are the only way I keep a track of what we’ve done, as none of the four, yes four diaries I have tried to start this year have gone beyond the end of January!

The difficulty I have though is I am sure no-one is really that interested in hearing how the day after one yoga session I literally couldn’t move without every fibre of my being making me feel that it wasn’t my 50th I recently celebrated, it was more like my 100th.

The truth is, we are in a routine now, day to day living, regular social events – we’re just doing our thing, and the biggest decision we have to make each day is what to have for lunch and supper.

Yoga is still on twice a week, with the select little group continuing to bend, twist, strain, and occasionally groan, packed in like sardines and trying not to kick and smack each other in the face.

Darts is still on twice a week, and yes I have improved slightly, well at least more darts are staying in the board now! Although my favourite number seems to be the two, which in reality is no good for anyone with the game we play. I did ask if we could turn the board upside down so I might randomly get a 20 now and again but no one really seemed up for that. But sporadically when all the stars are aligned I have managed to get a bullseye on request – but they were more luck than judgement.

Some male bright spark thought that on International Women’s Day we should play men vs women, and yes we were up for the challenge, and he clearly thought they were going to whoop our butts. But hey, guess what, girls still rule! 2:1 to the women.

The usual crowd are still in the marina, although many are planning to leave over the next month or so, and I will be sad to see them leave. Particularly when I know many won’t be coming back to marina next winter, but hey from the stories I have heard I have no doubt that we will ‘bump’ into them again in the future.

It’s still all pretty stress free here – although I did have my second experience of having to take someone to task over jumping the laundry queue, and we did experience our first ‘you’re not really part of our gang’, although to be honest I was oblivious to it at the time. Good job really, but I am fascinated how other people feel the need to apologise for someone else’s behaviour.

The weather, well I’m always a bit dubious about mentioning the weather, but it has been good. Certainly no beasts from the east, and even the Spanish can be spotted without coats, hats and scarves on, so it must be warming up. We have had several days and nights of high winds, and the boat at times has felt like it’s on a spin cycle. As we speak it’s drizzling, but the swell in the marina is moving the boat around considerably and the lines at the back of the boat are squeaking and snatching so much I think in a few hours I might just cut them for some respite!

We have just spent five days in the uk, and to be honest I have not, in a long time, felt so depressed, I am glad to be back here. I have bought Dads ashes back with me, but I’m not sure he’s that happy about being in Spain. Coming back it was the most turbulent flight I have ever been on, but hey, sorry Dad, you’re here now, and I have no intention of going through that prolonged security check again!

So, at this point there’s not much else to say, the city is preparing for the Easter celebrations, which I am really looking forward to, although if I am understanding the Spanish correctly (which is doubtful) some of the processions take place in the wee, small hours. So I think some more research is required on that one – still you won’t know whether they’re real pics, or ones I’ve stolen from Google will you??

Now I’ll leave you as I have an important decision to make – I have three loads of washing to get done, and the question is, leave it until another day (it’s currently raining) or spend 4 euros putting it through the drier? Decisions, decisions!

Love to all x

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