Life at 50!

Well, thankfully it’s the same as 49!

I realised yesterday that I haven’t actually left the marina in a week, not because I couldn’t be bothered to do anything, quite the opposite in fact. I have been busy.

The boat has had a new year clean, declutter and reorganisation on the inside – yes even the confines of a boat require a declutter once in a while. Even in a small space you accumulate ‘stuff’. And as back breaking, and knee cracking as it was it’s a job well done, even if I do say so myself.

Last week we restarted yoga. We don’t have a teacher so a select few are using the portacabin twice a week in the marina to follow various DVDs that Val has. Only four of us will fit with our yoga mats, and even the it’s a bit like a game of twister as we try to avoid slapping and kicking each other in the face. But hey it’s exercise and I’ll take what I can get.

It’s funny really, I didn’t realise how much I had missed it, but boy did I hurt the next day. Day two, well Val chose the wrong DVD and all of a sudden some woman is using the proper yoga names for all the moves and she’s moving at such a rate of knots we couldn’t keep up. For those of you who know what a record player is it was like playing 45 rpm record at 78 rpm speed. It was not good – 15minutes in we gave up and had to switch to pigtail lady DVD. Much better, not quite the calm, serene yoga Aline used to teach but by the time pigtail lady has finished I’ll have abs like slabs!

Another new activity started last Thursday also in said portacabin – Darts. We ventured to the local sports shop and bought a set each for fear of damaging someone else’s as they bounce around the room! Well, week one I threw like a semi pro child, and did manage to hit the board. In fact, on demand Of ‘we need a bull Donna’, guess what I hit the bull, well I am now Donna the Destroyer!

Needless to say I was looking forward to week two. Only it seemed I peaked on week one, and I am no longer Donna the Destroyer, I am now ‘Donna who knew a dart could bounce off the dart board and land so far across the room’!

Still I was consoled by fact that I wasn’t the only one who had darts bouncing along the floor, but if I don’t improve it’ll be just like I’m back at school and am the last one to be picked for the netball team, all over again!

So that’s my last couple of weeks rounded up in a few paragraphs.

All is well, life is good, and next week, well I may even venture beyond the marina gates!

Love to all x

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