The best weekend …

Well the tide has turned, its official, I made it to 50, and what a weekend it was.

Cartagena threw me a parade on Friday, and wow what a sight that was.

Saturday I got taken to the most expensive designer sunglasses shop in Cartagena – pick anything you want they said – a treat from the whole family. Thanks guys!

Sunday night was party night – thanks Craig for the military precision organisation, and Val for decorating the room, with plenty of reminders of reaching the milestone age!

Yes I was sober in all of these, I just still hate having my photo taken!

Even the boat has a reminder, there’s no getting away from it now!

Then yesterday lunch at the beach – sadly it did rain but today woohoo back to shorts and a t shirt – happy days.

Thanks to all who joined in the celebrations – hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did definitely the best birthday ever.

Going for a nap to rest these old bones now.

Love to all x

One thought on “The best weekend …

  1. Wow your very own Donna parade
    So glad you had an amazing weekend you deserve it and thank you to everybody who helped make your 50th birthday special
    All my love Mum


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