It’s a bitter sweetness

We have been back in Cartagena since Monday, and now seems as good a time as any to let you know our plans.

I am glad to be back in familiar surroundings, with familiar people, and slowly this week we have got back into the swing of things, but there is am I sure you will understand a bitter sweetness to the feeling – these are certainly not the circumstances under which I would have wanted to return.

But if anything I am now more determined to make each day count as the reality is none of us knows what lies ahead.

Having said that our plans for this year have changed a little and as I feel now more than ever that this year I want some familiarity and stability we have decided to make Cartagena our base until March next year.

From a practical point this means that it will be easier for us to travel back and forth to the UK as and when needed to sort Dads affairs, and it will also be easier for those who want to plan visits throughout the year.

We will embark on day sails and go over to the Balearics for a few weeks in the summer, but certainly not for the six months or so that we had planned, that will now happen next year. We will also use this year to do more inland travel than we had originally intended.

The dream will still continue but this year it will be in a slightly different guise.

But onward and upward as they say, yesterday a new experience for me, watching a game of Rugby in a local bar with friends. The company was great but I so don’t do sport!

Next weekend a big festival takes place which I’m looking forward to – more to follow on that as it happens, and we are being joined by family next weekend for the big celebrations. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, a party next Sunday night because little old me will be turning 50 on Monday 12th – but you know what they say – Age is just a number!

Love to all x

5 thoughts on “It’s a bitter sweetness

  1. Happy 50th Donna, hope you had a fab weekend and enjoy an amazing birthday on Monday… 👗lots of fun and laughter is essential 😎😀🧘🏼‍♀️
    Keep smiling you deserve to be happy xx
    Kind regards Kim xx


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