When life throws a curve ball

This is my 100th post, and perhaps the hardest one to write, but I said from the outset of sharing our adventure that I would always share the good and the bad.

Today I should be packing my bag, preparing to go back to Cartagena, back to our home, but I am not. Not because I have changed my mind, no the dream hasn’t changed, in fact despite the lovely time we have had in the first two weeks of our UK holiday seeing family and friends I couldn’t wait to get back, but because this week life threw a curveball.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to stay, no it’s not a heavy heart it is a broken one, as this week like a bolt out of the blue my Dad passed away.

How is it that one day you’re booking flights for him to come and spend your 50th birthday with you in a months time, and two days later you are having to start thinking about funeral arrangements.

He wasn’t ill, it wasn’t expected, we didn’t have time to prepare ourselves that we were going to lose him, it just happened.

I would challenge anyone now who berates the state of the NHS, my experience this week was that they are amazing, Yes, despite their best efforts they couldn’t save him, but boy they tried and they tried hard. From the paramedic, to the ambulance staff, to the staff at Papworth Hospital, to the orderly who hugged and hugged me as I broke down they were amazing, and no it is not the outcome I would have wished for but they were fantastic.

I suppose the one question I am now left with, is what is it I, we, did to deserve all the grief that we have suffered in the last few years.

I have always believed that whatever life throws at you makes you stronger, makes you a better person, you should learn from it. Well to be quite frank I have had enough of becoming a better person, I’ve had enough of learning from life’s events and as much as in general my life now is good, this piece of it is absolute shit.

There’s little more to say really, it is what it is, and as much as I might wish with every ounce of my being that things were different they aren’t.

So the adventure will continue, eventually, and I know as time goes by things will get easier, but now instead of sharing it with Dad through the blog and phone calls, at the end of each day I will look up at the stars and tell him.

Rest in Peace, Anthony John Gale, 8.4.1946 – 4.1.2018

Love you, always.

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