We’ve got our own weather bomb!

Talk of the BBQ yesterday was the winds due to hit at 5 this morning, windy.com was very, very red.

With winds of around 40 knots, this is going to last all day, we’re now on the long washing machine cycle!

Trying to get on and off the boats is like taking your life in your hands, I might need to get the life jackets out again.

So far we’re fairing better than some boats who have already had fenders burst and lost their halyards (the line that pulls the sails up), one also seems to have come away from its mooring and is sitting at right angles to the pontoon, we’ve been lucky and that’s because Craig’s been like a cat on a hot tin roof, in and out checking the lines of not only our boat but also Ray and Maureen’s – nothing’s going to happen on his watch!

The worlds largest sailing yacht is in the marina next door, owned by a Russian oligarch, even if that’s getting tossed around like the rest of us, at least it’s in luxury!

So once we get through this blip the rest of the day will be spent putting everything back on the shelves!

To all, be safe in the snow – see you soon xx

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