At the beach in December!!!

Whilst we are not suffering the chills of the UK, there has been a distinct drop in temperature this week, and there’s been more rain, so unfortunately the flip flops and shorts have been put away and it’s now jeans and long sleeves.

For our visitors, Ellwyn and LJ, who unfortunately have not experienced the best of Cartagena weather this week, the sunniest day which happened to be the 1st December meant we could go to for lunch at the beach restaurant without the fear of ending up like drowned rats.

It was gloriously warm, and I’m pleased to say that although jeans and a hoodie were required the sunglasses reappeared and the few hours at lunch in the sun meant the old bones could start to thaw out – I even went for a paddle!

And I did a bit of rock climbing, fortunately Craig was ready to catch me whilst I was going up and coming back down again and was basically telling where to place each foot – poor bloke was having kittens!

Actually this picture is very deceptive, it wasn’t that high and was at the end of a harbour wall, and not quite as daring as this picture makes it look.

For those of you who have commented on the yoga, it’s still going strong, and guess who can now put her palms together behind her back – oh yeah, I am now mrs flexible – well I’m mrs more flexible than I was! I’m now that dedicated I even braved the wind and rain on Tuesday, but it seems the cooler temperatures are putting much of the group off, on Friday there were only four of us. As there were so few the teacher thought it would be a good idea to for us to use the Perspex screening alongside the marina as support, so there we are four idiots laying on our backs with our legs and bums up against the screen, what a delightful picture it must have been. Being so few it did allow her time to spend on us individually, if I push here you will get your shoulders in the right place, and if I yank you up by your ponytail you will straighten your back, ok love calm down, I’m a human being not some bendy toy.

Cartagena is now preparing itself for the festive period with Xmas decorations going up in some of the restaurants and bars, and some of the marina residents have started making their way back to the uk for the Xmas period, and in two weeks we will be following suit.

As important to the Spaniards as Christmas is the Epiphany which occurs 12 days after Christmas. It is known as The Festival of the Three Royal Magi and marks the day on which the Three Wise Men are said to have visited the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. This is also the time when the children will get the majority of their Christmas presents, and they write letters on the 26th December asking for specific presents.

Numerous parades are held all over the country, and in Cartagena in particular the three kings enter the city via the the tourist boat in the port area and hand out sweets to the waiting children, in the evening there’s a grand parade through the town during which last January they gave out 6000 kilos of sweets and 25000 toys! – sadly we will not be back from the uk to see it but there will plenty more fiestas and celebrations in the months to come.

In truth I don’t expect there will any more posts before Christmas unless something dramatic or exciting happens to tell you about as at the moment we’re just living our everyday lives, so for those of you I don’t see within the next few weeks back in the UK (note I no longer refer to it as home), I wish you all Feliz Navidad (or Merry Christmas for the non Spanish speakers!)

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